11/11/2015 20:47
Please take some time to answer this question. You may close your eyes and imagine the scenario. Here is the question: Imagine you were an animal from the factory farmings being invited to address yourself to the people. What would you tell them?

Working on the memorial stone

09/11/2015 20:57
Over the last few days I had been working on the memorial stone for the sacrificed animals from factory farmings. It is very hard work but also a lot of fun! Now it is time for a winter break, but in April 2016 I will continue my work on the stone. I love to see the stone transforming into rough...

Concrete work on the memorial stone

10/10/2015 20:54
I am really happy! I just started working on the memorial stone for the sacrificed animals in factory farming and fishing. At first I wanted to appoint an artist with this task, but then I got inspired by my father who is a great artist and metal sculptor. I decided to build this memorial stone by...

I cannot save the world, but at least I can try it!

13/06/2015 09:41
06/13/2015 09:41 My vision is that every single person who lives in our industrial nations will ask himself this question once in his life. I wish with all of my heart that the meat and fish consumption will be reduced or even stopped for the well-being and in honor of all animals.