Memorial Stone

Since last year I am working on a memorial stone for the sacrificed animals from factory farms and brutal fishing.
My vision is to set up such a memorial stone in honor of the animals in every country of the world with intensive farming and industrial fishing.

There are memorials of all kind of sacrifices in history almost everywhere, but no memorials at all for the billions of animals sacrificed every year.
It is time to have some places where we can face the pain and where we can put flowers and candles etc.. I am working on the stone with my own hands here in Bremen, guided by a professional sculptor. I am working on the stone in ongoing seminars or in weekend courses. It is great fun, but also very exhausting. It is the first time ever that I am doing such a sculptor work by myself. The stone is a very hard sandstone and it takes a lot of force and energy to manipulate it. After many hours of intense work I have now achieved the rough shape. It will show a large teardrop on a socle accompanied by a sign. This year I will still be busy with my work on the stone. The plan is to set up this memorial next year in a public area somewhere in
> or around Bremen.