How many animals die every year in Germany?

830 millions of animals die every year in the intensive factory farming (except fish, that would count additional).

How many fishes are caught annually?

90 million tons of fish are caught annually. These are about 1 to 2.7 trillion fishes according to latest calculations.

Are the conditions for the animals in factory farms really so bad?

The animals are kept and treated under catastrophic conditions. To make yourself an idea, I would like to recommend to go on the website of the Albert Schweitzer Foundation. There you can find a description of the factory farming in a sober and clear way. 

Please find the link hereafter : 



What can I do, that this misery find an end?

Stop eating meat and fish. If you cannot, then try at least to reduce your consumption. Buy meat preferably from the health food store. When you eat a piece of meat of fish, be aware of the fact that this animal died for you. You can thank the animal in your thoughts, that would be a nice gesture.

What else can I do for the animals?

It is obvious that these tortures cannot be stopped overnight. Many years will pass before man lives in harmony and love with animals. Until this day, countless animals will continue to suffer and to die.

What you can do is to think about the animals affectionately once a day and do a little prayer. That would be really nice. You can help to bring this issue out into the world and try to awaken other people. You can post this issue on Twitter, Facebook or other networks, discuss it with friends. This would help to bring this issue actively into the world.

You can also donate money to animal welfare. Even a small amount would be great! 

Please find the link of the Albert-Schweizer-Foundation :

Return to the menu under « Contribution ». 

What if meat and fish taste so good for me that I cannot stop eating it?

Do not juge yourself for that. However, you can thank the animal who lost his life before eating it. If it is convenient to you, you can pray for the animals. That would be a very nice gesture.

Do I have to feel bad now because I have eaten so much meat and fish in the past?

No, do not juge yourself, that would not help anyone. This is part of the way things happen in this world. But you can contribute today if you change your actions and awareness. That would be a good start, you would make a great contribution to the benefit of nature and animals.

What exactly happens in the factory farming?

I recommend to go to the following web-page:

There you will find a very sober and clear description of the conditions in factory farmings.

It does hurt so bad to see these animals suffering like that. How can I deal with this pain?


Yes, indeed, this is a big pain. I know that it is hard to deal with it, it’s not an easy one. Remind yourself that there are many beautiful things in this world and that there are also many animals living happy lives. Try to compensate a bit and give all animals a loving place in your heart.