Do you want to support my project?

There are many possibilities:

The first possibility is, of course, to reduce your consumption of meat and fish or even to stop it. It is also helpful if you buy meat from the organic trade instead of the supermarket.
You can help to carry the question out into the world! Post this page or the specific question on Facebook, Twitter or on other networks. 
Ask your family members or friends directly this question. 
Discuss this questions with people, make my project to a subject of your conversation. This can be very effective!
You can even start your own actions at your home place. Be creative! You can always contact me and I will be happy to help or assist, if possible.
You can pray for the animals. That may be a nice gesture as well which may be perceived by the animals.

Whatever you do can help to awake the consciousness of people’s mind.

Of course you can also do donations to animal-welfare-associations.

You can find a link hereafter :