About me

My name is Esther Bodzin, I'm 44 years old. I had been searching for my inner truth for many years. My desire was to awaken my inner love and profound happiness to be able to bring my light into the world. Since more than 25 years I have visited diverse coaching, seminars etc. to find my inner love.
In April this year I have started with an online coaching which changed my life - All of a sudden I began to be happy and to enjoy life again.

This coaching once a week gave me exciting impulses and suggestions. I got the suggestion to occupy myself with the power of questions.
As an an example; when you are lying in bed at night and you imagine the question: " What kind of things went successfully today?", you think about the answer and you will realize all things which succeeded that day which will make you feel good.
However, if you ask yourself: « What has gone wrong today?», you will think about the answer you will probably feel worse. 
This means that questions have a great force and conduct yourself into a certain direction. When I received the impulse to occupy myself with good questions, I felt first of all annoyed.I had no inspirations. But after a while I got taste to it and I started to experiment with interesting questions. 
In the night of June 6th to 7th while I was lying in my bed at night, my head was wide awake and busy to find an exciting interesting question.
I played with themes, slogans….Indeed, my mind was quite playful at this time.....
And suddenly the game became serious:
This important question raised up in my mind and within seconds I became a new person.
At this very moment I knew immediately that I would never ever eat meat and fish again in my life! I knew that my life will completely change. 

I used to eat and to buy cheap meat from the supermarket as many other consumers during decades. I heard about the factory farming, but I did not realize or I did not want to realize it. Today I  am really happy that my consciousness has finally been awakened to see the bitter reality in this world ! I was shocked once I  got the awareness about the huge bestial and unimaginable holocaust which is committed to millions of animals each year… but liberated at the same time. Indeed, I finally got what I was looking for : the mission to carry out my new awareness to the world and to stop these crualties ! 

We need to act now!

I woke up to a new personality, I awakened to love, too. I realize now how cruel humans are acting : we are only thinking about our own well-being at the expense of trillions of innocent and profoundly wonderful creatures who can not defend themselves.

Here are some numbers: 830 million animals are kept in a bestial and brutal kind, tortured and killed in Germany, 90 million tons of fish are caught cruelly every year. The terrible thing in fishing is that the sea-animals can not be stunned before their miserable death and they die while fully conscious. The nets are as great as 4 football fields and about 40% of the sea creatures which are landing in the nets are not « used ». There are turtles, dolphins, whales and many, many others. They are simply thrown back into the sea where they will slowly die from their injuries.

I've eaten cheap meat from the supermarket.  I knew that this was madness, but I did not really think of it. I was no better than other people with the same consumer behavior. 
Since I am aware of this cruel madness I cannot do anything else than to shake the whole world and let all people know about these facts and to try to convince them to change. My vision is that all people living in our industrialized nations ask themselves this one question.
I deeply wish that it will move people to stop their consumption of meat and fish or at least reduce it that this horror will find an end.

It is about everything! Yes, it's really about everything. It’s about life on this earth with its wonderful nature and its magnificent living beings. The point is that we recognize and learn to treat animals lovingly, that we respect and protect them. 
This should actually be the normal situation; for this reason animals had once been given to the humans.