I would like to invite you to have a look on my website and to engage yourself on a truth that may shock you, move you, but may also liberate yourself.

 It may change your whole life! 

It may be possible that within a single minute you will become a vegetarian or even a vegan-driven by a single question

You can call this single question in the menue on the left side of this website.

This question is an invitation to you.

Decide yourself whether you want to engage yourself or not. If you do agree, read this question, close your eyes and think about this question, let it act deeply within you.

You do not need to find an answer to this question.The thing is that you take the time to think about it."




11/11/2015 20:47
Please take some time to answer this question. You may close your eyes and imagine the...

Working on the memorial stone

09/11/2015 20:57
Over the last few days I had been working on the memorial stone for the sacrificed animals from...

Concrete work on the memorial stone

10/10/2015 20:54
I am really happy! I just started working on the memorial stone for the sacrificed animals in...

I cannot save the world, but at least I can try it!

13/06/2015 09:41
06/13/2015 09:41 My vision is that every single person who lives in our industrial nations will...